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Greige Pinafore Apron

Greige Pinafore Apron

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No tying, no buckling. Just step in and cook in lightweight cottage-core comfort. Each apron is hand-made in Brazil.
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Merchant's Notes

Pinafore aprons are a real "the girlies who get it... get it" product. Once you ditch all the hardware and straps, one try-on is all you need to understand their comfortable lightweight appeal. Also, if you ever try pottery, these aprons have a split leg, so you can use it even when straddling a pottery wheel!


Measuring 47" across and 23.5" tall, this unisex apron fits all bodies with waists between 25 and 60 inches.

Use & Care

Machine-wash cold and hang to dry or tumble-dry on gentle. Do not bleach.