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Dimpled Little Cup

Dimpled Little Cup

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Barkley's small ceramic cup has a dimple in it for extra comfort.

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Merchant's Notes

This 8-ounce cup has a dimple that helps you grip such a smooth hefty vessel with confidence. You've probably experienced the joy of fancy wine in a cheap plastic cup, but have you ever had a freezing cold can of cheap beer in a handmade ceramic cup?


Handmade ceramics will vary in size by up to a quarter of an inch in any direction. These are approximate dimensions:
3.25” diameter
3.5” height
8oz capacity

Use & Care

Barkley ceramics are food safe and microwave safe. It is possible to heat them to an uncomfortably high temperature, so do be careful with hot stoneware.

Barkley ceramics are dishwasher safe. I try not to be precious about everyday items, but if you wish to preserve their appearance as long as possible, hand-washing is best.