Ceramic goods made by human hands in Tempe, Arizona

  • Affordable

    Compared to dishes from a big box store, these are obscenely expensive. But for handmade ceramics, these prices are hard to beat.

  • Beautiful

    The heft and texture of hand-crafted stoneware can't be replicated. These dishes feel great at the dinner table and look spectacular in food photos.

  • Unique

    Each piece has its own character, from the irregularities in the object to the speckled glaze and the sponge marks underneath.

Female hand holding a ceramic cup overflowing with foamy beer

The New Fine China

Your grandma might have had some really spectacular ornate porcelain, but it probably got used once a year and stored in a high-security display cabinet. Stoneware makes a different statement with its heft and texture while remaining durable enough for kitchen cabinets and dishwashers. Now you can use your nicest dinnerware every day.

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a family-sized meal of barbecue served on handmade ceramic dinnerware

Functional Art

Barkley ceramics are hand-made in Arizona out of cream-colored stoneware clay that's been heated over 1800° F, dipped in a speckled glaze, then fired one last time at an even higher temperature to make them waterproof and food safe.

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