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Spoon Rest

Spoon Rest

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The Barkley spoon rest can reduce countertop cleanup frequency by up to 100%.

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Merchant's Notes

I never owned a spoon rest until a couple years ago. Now I keep at least three within arm's reach. It makes cooking a tiny bit easier when I'm not searching for a jar lid or a dirty bowl to rest spatulas, spoons, and tongs on while I work. This design is lightweight, stackable, and takes up less counter space than some of the bigger more decorative options on the market. If you're on the fence about which Barkley piece to try first, I'd tell you to buy two spoon rests and see how much of a difference they make.


Handmade ceramics will vary in size by up to a quarter of an inch in any direction. These are approximate dimensions:
4.5” diameter

Use & Care

Barkley ceramics are food safe and microwave safe. It is possible to heat them to an uncomfortably high temperature, so do be careful with hot stoneware.

Barkley ceramics are dishwasher safe. I try not to be precious about everyday items, but if you wish to preserve their appearance as long as possible, hand-washing is best.