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Black Front-Buckle Apron

Black Front-Buckle Apron

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Faster, easier, and far more secure than your typical tie-in-the-back apron, with straps long enough to wrap all the way around to the front. This apron is made to last, from the metal buckles to the double-stitched pockets and genuine leather reinforcements in the corners. Each apron is hand-made in Brazil.
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Merchant's Notes

If you aren't sure which apron is best for you, it's probably this one. It's easy to put on, and you'll find that clasping the straps together up front is a lot more satisfying than tying them together in the back. Also, if you ever try pottery, these aprons have a split leg, so you can use it even when straddling a pottery wheel!


At 35" tall and 28" wide, this apron offers way more coverage than cheaper aprons. The straps are fabricated at a generous length and are fully adjustable.

Use & Care

Machine-wash cold and hang to dry. Do not bleach. These are dyed dark black, so wash it solo for the first couple washes. Otherwise, the dye might run onto other fabrics.