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Twelve-Ounce Mug

Twelve-Ounce Mug

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Barkley's large ceramic mug is designed for a big cup of pipin' hot mud.

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Merchant's Notes

No matter how many times I tried to come up with a novel mug design, this classic shape can never be dethroned. The handle protects your hand from hot liquids and the central groove gives you a natural place to rest your thumb. If you've got to buy just one Barkley piece as a gift for a friend, make it this mug.


Handmade ceramics will vary in size by up to a quarter of an inch in any direction. These are approximate dimensions:
3.75” diameter, plus a handle
4.25" height
12oz. capacity

Use & Care

Barkley ceramics are food safe and microwave safe. It is possible to heat them to an uncomfortably high temperature, so do be careful with hot stoneware.

Barkley ceramics are dishwasher safe. I try not to be precious about everyday items, but if you wish to preserve their appearance as long as possible, hand-washing is best.

Made by Human Hands

Each lump of clay is wedged, formed, trimmed, and glazed by hand in Arizona by a small team of three local potters. Barkley's beauty lies within its subtle irregularities, from the undulations in the rim to the sponge marks underneath.

Designed for Your Favorite Meals

The raw claw underneath each piece maintains its sandy texture, while the glazed areas become smooth and glassy. The combination of two different textures results in functional pottery that's dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and a pleasure to hold.

Three Barkley Looks

Choosing the right glaze color and clay body can take a potter years of experimentation. Luckily, you only have to decide between these three beauties: