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Soap Foamer

Soap Foamer

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A foaming hand soap dispenser is a crucial part of an efficient kitchen. The key feature is a wide head, which can be depressed with a forearm or elbow when one's hands are unclean. After switching over from regular soap dispensers, you'll want one in the bathroom too.
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Merchant's Notes

I wanted to produce a soap foamer in-house, but the tolerances required for it to function properly don't lend themselves to handmade ceramics. This is the exact same model as the ones you'll find on Amazon, but with a Barkley logo on the bottom (and a little cheaper, too!)


The basin holds up to 400mL of total liquid
Assembled dimensions: 3.5 in × 6 in

Use & Care

You should only fill this with soap that's been designed for use in a soap foamer. Combine warm water with soap according to the manufacturer's directions and pump to dispense.